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Looking Forward to Bear Season

Last month our good friend Tim approached us with an idea. Tim's wife, Natalie, wrote this about it:

"Life throws us challenges and difficult times, but we are always reminded that God is good and that He always has a plan. My story begins, actually, with Whitetails Unlimited...a grassroots hunting and outdoor organization. Tim began our local chapter 11 years ago and was key in making its's annual fund raising banquet one of the highest grossing in Missouri and the nation. This year, however, Tim was less involved due to spending a lot of time in Wisconsin with his parents as his dad was dealing with serious health issues. At this year's banquet, unbeknownst to Tim, the director and Tim's fellow committee members, decided to hold an extra raffle to raise money for his dad. In 20 minutes $3000 was raised. Tim was extremely moved and completely humbled. Tim knew, immediately, how he would like to use this money, but it was his dad's money, so he waited. By the time he presented the money to his dad, he was on hospice. His dad was overwhelmed by the gesture and the kindness these people, who did not know him, showed him. Tim had shared with his mom what he had in mind to do with the money. It was the desire to send a local and very special young man on the hunt of a lifetime. One day, Tim left his parent's house to run some errands. While he was gone, Jan shared with Ron, Tim's idea. When Tim returned, Ron looked at him and said, with a thumbs up..."you take that boy hunting". This special young man is Taylor L. For most of his life he has been faced with many serious health issues. But he has a positive outlook and a love for the outdoors and specifically a love for hunting. Last night, at another Whitetails Unlimited banquet, in Columbia, MO, Taylor, who thought he was just getting to attend another banquet, was surprised and officially invited by Tim and Jan, in front of the 800 attendees, to go on a bear hunt in Idaho. His dad, Brian and stepmom Jessica, were in attendance with him and were in on the surprise. They will be joining Taylor on this exciting expedition to see him fulfill a dream. To see 800 people on their feet applauding for not only this young man, but for Tim and Jan...and Ron..for providing him with this opportunity, was honestly one of the most inspiring moments I have experienced. Thanks the numerous business owners that approached Taylor last night. He was given full taxidermy work of his choice by Sam's Taxidermy, filming of the hunt by Trophy Addiction for a TV show on the Pursuit Channel, and a full arsenal of gear by Browning. Taylor also received two shed antlers, signed by Mark and Terry Drury, after they were given to him by a stranger in attendance who purchased them for $1800 as a gift to charity. But speaking for Taylor's character, he returned one of the sheds to the man as a thank you. As I said, God always has a plan."

Guess what? WE get to help Taylor fulfill a dream! How awesome is that?? THIS is what it's all about!

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