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Elk Hunts


Archery season: September 7-30

Rifle season: October 15-November 8 





If you would like to see photos of elk from past hunts, please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we would be happy to send you our photos. We just prefer not to post them online. 

Hunting elk with a bow is an experience you won’t easily forget.

Our archery elk hunts are completely customized to each hunter’s needs and preferences. We offer hunting out of several high-country camps, spike camps, and also hunting out of our home-base.

The decision of where to hunt will be made by your guide, based on his extensive scouting and knowledge of the “hot spots”, but it is completely up to the hunter as to how far you venture away from home-base. Some clients come out to “rough it”, and be out in the woods 24/7, while some would prefer the comfort of a hot shower and warm bed every night.

Idaho is home to some of the roughest terrain in the country, and elk hunting is most often very physically demanding. Archery elk hunting usually requires a good deal of walking, and good physical fitness is a plus.



Our rifle elk hunts are exciting backwoods adventures! Rifle hunts

will most often take place in one of our high-country camps.

We’ll load up all the gear in trucks and drive to the trail-head. Horses are saddled and packed at the trail-head, and then we ride in to camp. The distance varies depending on which camp

we’re headed to. After arriving in camp, you’ll get situated in 3-6 person tents, all heated with wood stoves to keep out the chill. One large tent serves as our cook tent, where you’ll be eating your meals. 

Meals are prepped and frozen before the hunt, and prepared in camp by one of your guides. We've been told that it's almost like having Hannah in camp doing the cooking herself!

Our main camp is located in an area that burned during the Mustang Complex forest fire in 2012. The US Forest Service designates our camp sites, and we cannot move it to a non-burned area.

This a back country camp - it is messy, but we have spring water and plenty of towels! 

Guides take hunters out in the morning and early evening, and are sometimes gone all day. After the day’s hunt, enjoy a hot meal and great company while relaxing around the camp fire.




Elk Calendar


$5,500.00 - 6 full days, 2 on 1 fully-guided hunt 

$8,000.00  - 6 full days, 1 on 1 fully-guided hunt 

Other expenses:

Non-resident License - $195.00  

Elk Tag - $651.75

Tax - $330.00  (2 on 1)    OR    $480.00 (1 on 1)

Archery Permit (archery only) - $81.75

Non-Hunter Rate - $1,500.00 (limit: 1 non-hunter per week)

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