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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can you provide some reference phone numbers of past hunting clients?


A: Yes. We have a reference sheet available to our prospective clients. Please contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll be happy to get it to you!


Q: Do I need to bring any food, snacks, drinks, or water?


A: You can if you want extra, but we will always provide you with these things.

Q: What is the mode of transportation to and from the hunt sites, and do you provide that?

A: Depending on what you’re hunting, modes of travel may vary, however, we provide all transportation from home-base to hunting sites. 

Q: Can I ship my equipment to you before my hunt?

A: Absolutely. We recommend UPS, as we know the driver for our area, and she takes very good care of our clients’ equipment, (i.e. if we’re not home, she will put it inside so it isn’t sitting unattended.)

Q: How much weight is allowed per person on the pack animals going in to camp?

A: We allow 50 pounds per person, give or take a few pounds. We DEFINITELY recommend duffle bags and a day pack - large frame packs are extremely difficult to pack on the pack horse. The 50 lbs does NOT include your gun/bow.

Q: What is your experience with clients taking guns/ammo on airplanes?

A: We have never had a problem with airlines and firearms - all of our hunters have had good experiences with taking their guns on planes. However, we have also had some hunters ship their guns and all their clothes, equipment, etc, to avoid paying the baggage fee on their flights. Make sure you check with the airlines first, to find out their requirements for firearms and ammo.

Q: Do cell phones work in camp?

A: Some do, some don’t - depends on the service you use. Cell phones DO NOT, however, work at our home-base. You are welcome to use our land-line at the lodge. We have unlimited long-distance calling.

Q: What happens to my animal after a kill?

A: Your guide will field-dress your animal. Your guide can also skin/cape your animal if you wish. We recommend taking your animal to a local taxidermist for skinning and mounting. Local taxidermist information can be found on the Links page (We do not receive any kind of commission for referrals). You are responsible for lining up processing of meat before you depart CDO. Hamilton Pack in Hamilton, MT is a good option. There are not many good processing options local to us (within 30 miles) at this time. Please do your homework and know where your meat is going before you arrive.

Q: Will I be able to use my computer at home-base?

A: We have wireless internet in our home and also a computer available for you to use should you choose not to bring your own.


Q: Can I use expandable broadheads?

A: No. Mechanical broadheads of any kind are illegal in Idaho.


Q: What is the terrain like?

A: It is extremely steep. 


Q: Do I need to bring bedding, a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, etc?

A: If you are partial to your own bedding you can certainly bring it, however, we provide all bedding at the lodge and at camp, and we supply plenty of towels and wash cloths at the lodge.


Q: Am I required to wear hunter orange?

A: No. Idaho does not require the wearing of any hunter orange at this time.


Q: Can you provide a gear list?

A: Yes! A downloadable gear list is available HERE.


Q: Can you pick me up from the airport?

A: No. We are no longer able to offer pick-up and drop-off services, due to our kids' school schedule. You will need to make arrangements for a rental car to get to and from CDO.

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