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Local Taxidermists


Ben Fahnholz - Lifelike Taxidermy in Carmen, ID. Located 25 miles from CDO.

Phone: (208) 756-2387 


Daniel Stephenson - River of No Return Taxidermy in Lemhi, ID. Located 60 miles from CDO. 



Phone: (208) 303-7531

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Idaho Fish & Game


 Click on the photo or HERE to see Idaho's hunting regulations. If you have any questions about the regulations please call us or the Idaho Fish and Game at the number below.


Fish and Game Salmon Office: (208) 756-2271 (ask for Camille)


Game Processing


 Hamilton Packing Company is a great processor and offers expedited processing options.


Phone: (406) 961-3861

2010 - present

2010 - present

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